Corporate Support



INFORMATION PLEASE CALL:         503-905-4500 


Accounts Receivable


Customer Comments/Questions  


Human Resources

Brandie Hogg 


Marketing & PR

Raj Kaul, Chief Marketing Officer

Andrew DeDonker, Digital Marketing Manager

 Laurie Jurinek, Project Manager



Jim Lanter, VP of Sales   


Pacific Seafood University

Drew Jacobs, Director   

Gregg Yrigoyen, Corporate Trainer


Team Member Services

Bree Palmer

Tracie Coberly


Value Added

Pacific Seafood
Tel: 503-905-4510

Terry Horgan, General Manager of Branded Sales



Tel: 425-289-0234  

Val Davies, Asst.General Manager




Bob O'Bryant, General Manager


Air Freight

Jake's Famous Crawfish and Seafood 

Tel: 503-905-4559

Fax: 503-905-4228

Dave Tremblay



Distribution Sales


Pacific Seafood of Arizona

Jon Bolyard

General Manager

Tel: 602-268-3313



Pacific Seafood of Las Vegas

Richard Smith

General Manager

Tel: 702-566-8670



Pacific Seafood Los Angeles

James Lanter Jr.

General Manager

Tel: 310-835-4343 



Pacific Seafood of Oregon

Joe O'Halloran

General Manager

Tel: 503-905-4500



Pacific Fresh Seafood - Sacramento, CA

Jim Lanter

General Manager

Tel: 916-419-5500



Pacific Seafood of Texas

Anwer Haider

General Manager

Tel: 210-226-4343



Pacific Seafood of Utah

Jim Lanter

General Manager

Tel: 916-419-5500


Tobin Kurtin

Sales Manager

Tel: 801-908-8292




Pacific Seafood of Washington

Bob Simon

General Manager

Tel: 425-347-7994



If you have a comment or question about our products or services email us at


Domestic/National Sales


Dan Obradovich

Director National Sales 

National Frozen Sales

Tel: 503-905-4517

Fax: 503-905-2495


Buck Boston

Whiting Specialist

Tel: 503-905-4547



International Sales

Steve Spencer

V.P. Sales / Procurement International 

Tel: 503-905-4509

Fax: 503-905-2495


Larz Malony

International Sales Manager

Tel: 503-905-4500


Gary Acker
International Logistics & Sales


Fax: 503-905-4228


Tyson Yeck

General Manager Canada 

Tel: 503-905-4512

Fax: 503-905-2495


Brendan McKenna

Tel:  503-905-4528

Fax: 503-905-4228



Pacific Seafood Corporate Headquarters

16797 SE 130th Avenue

Clackamas OR 97015