Pacific Seafood has been a family owned and operated Oregon business since its founding in 1941 as a small fish market on Powell Street in Portland.Today, Pacific Seafood is headed by Frank Dulcich, the son of co-founder Dominic Dulcich. Under Frank's leadership, the company has grown to be one of the most successful vertically integrated and family owned seafood processing and distribution companies in the Northwest.


Being the biggest was never the focus of the co-founders, Frank M. Dulcich (1900-1976) and his son Dominic. Their goal was to simply bring the best seafood to its customers around the world.


In 1983 Pacific opened its first processing plant, realizing that its customer's demands could be better filled by going direct to the source. Today, Pacific owns and operates over 38 processing and distribution facilities from Alaska to Texas. The company also exports high quality seafood around the world, creating new products and jobs for coastal communities and fishermen. In addition, Pacific imports quality seafood from around the world to increase its seafood offerings.